Valentine’s Day – will your postal packaging show the love?


It’s very easy to think that Valentines Day is just another sham. Boring, damaged, crusty washed-out brown and grey packages will litter doormats all over the world. Presents that after delivery provide an uninspiring and completely unromantic setting whilst awaiting being opened. If you like unexpected surprises, because what’s inside is great, then that’s fine.  But if you like to build a little suspense, with a tidy, attractive and classy build-up to the unboxing experience that awaits the recipient of the romantic gesture, then retailers you need to try a little harder. The last thing you want is your customers to get a sense of ‘cognitive dissonance’ at the unboxing stage, as mentioned on our previous post on Customers Unboxing Experiences …

…it is clear that a great delivery experience (and the quality of the box packaging involved) hugely influences whether or not the customer will suffer from ‘cognitive dissonance’. That is that feeling that you’ve been let down, or ‘sold a pup’. That feeling often kills the act of repeat purchase, losing you a valuable and important customer.

Show your customers some love!

So, if you’re selling and then mailing something intimate, use discrete but clean packaging that reflects this. If you’re dispatching something fragile, package it well in a mailer that will keep it safe, secure, and well ‘retained’. If you’re sending something beautiful and classy, packaging that isn’t dirty or ugly will reflect well.  To put it bluntly, put some thought into how your romance-inclined customers will feel when they receive your packaged product, lest you become the online retailer that killed Cupid!

A great choice for a secure, easy to open, classy and clean packaging, (as well as our new for 2018 bomb-proof MGT mug box and M1C with return peel n seal) – The Lil crashlock

Patented, attractive ‘retention’ packaging for fragile, and expensive items – with several new lines launched – The Lil breezebox.

Valentines cards to send out and arrive in mint condition – The Lil envelope range now comes with 2 new additions for 2018 – A-LTR is ideal for A5 items to fit through letter tariff and the Lil A7 which can hold jumbo A2 sized prints, enlargements and more.

It’s said that pictures say a thousand words, and move hearts everywhere – send big print pictures – The Lil flatpack.

Discrete, secure, attractive and letterbox-ready packing options – The Lil letterbox is fast becoming the industry standard for postal efficiency and will help ensure full letterbox delivery and postal tariff optimisation.

It’s not too late to get your packaging purchases in place for Valentines Day 2018

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