Our new Lil Mailbox range is coming soon!

Lil News

Watch this space! Soon to be launched our new and improved Lil Mailbox range… Used by the world’s premier, online luxury fashion boutiques!

At a glance:

  • Our new Lil Mailbox range will have unique and improved security features, down to the fully enclosed mailbox construction, and tamper-evident tear-strip, allowing you to safely and securely mail high value designer items.
  • Side locks will increase the strength of this range of boxes.
  • Three times faster to pack than a standard ‘0201’ style corrugated box.
  • The hinged lid opens up the wow factor!
  • Attractive ‘kraft’ finish inside and out, which can be used for a wider variety of products.
  • All Lil Mailboxes still feature our leading hot melt peel’n’seal / red-tear-strip system for easy sealing and easy opening of the mailbox. 
  • Our entire Mailbox range is also 100% recyclable and FSC approved.

Look out for our October launch!




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