Internet Retailing Conference 2016 – See you there!

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Lil Packaging will be exhibiting at the Internet Retailing Conference 2016 on the 12th of October, on stand 17. Having exhibited at IRC2015, we find this event to be a really interesting, professional and engaging experience. Here’s the brief from their website:

Now into its second decade at the forefront of multichannel, our 11th Annual Conference explores ‘New Horizons’ to look at how multichannel retail must strive for both excellence in today’s priorities, and also embrace the ‘new’.

There’s an irony in the fact that ecommerce professionals – for over a decade at the vanguard of innovation and radical change – are themselves now having to adapt and change. This is of course a function of the success of ecommerce at the heart of multichannel retail. As digital sales increased, then mobile, we reached a point at which ecommerce was no longer a channel, but an equal partner with stores. Enter, therefore, a new learning phase of integrated multichannel that we’ve covered in previous conferences. For 2016 however we’re looking to new horizons that the modern digitally-enabled retailer can scan as we seek to satisfy the demands of the connected, savvy customer.Internet Retailing Conference 2016 website

We’re going to be showcasing our patented Breezebox retention-packaging mailbox, along with our new range of packaging consumables and various other new lines that we have recently launched, including our re-vamped Lil mailbox range with added security features.

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