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Our top three eco-friendly alternatives for protective packaging

As an e-commerce store owner, it’s your duty to protect the long-term interests of your business and customers. And at this time of heightened environmental awareness, nothing’s more integral to everyone than using sustainable materials.

While you may have focussed on running an ethical store that features products made from biodegradable goods, have you spared a thought for the packaging …

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Pharmica – Packaging for Online Pharmacy Delivery | Case Study

Case Studies

The Challenge

Pharmica offers a wide range of treatments through a free online prescription service. They provide cutting-edge technology to automate and innovate to deliver a super convenient, safer and more discrete health care experience. All medicines are dispensed from their Central London based registered pharmacy.

They had a clear need for postal packaging that was fast, versatile, protective …

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Eco Packaging Hacks – Sustainable ways to create the perfect unboxing experience

As a customer, nothing beats unboxing a new product. In fact, unwrapping new deliveries is so exciting for the customer that it’s become a YouTube sensation. In 2011, for instance, the channel DisneyCollectorBR began unboxing children’s toys on YouTube — and quickly became an internet phenomenon. It now ranks in the top 10 most viewed channels on YouTube with almost 15

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