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With the thousands of packaging solutions we provide, you’re never stuck for options at Lil Packaging. To help you find out what you need, how best to use it, or if you’re thinking of shipping to a different country, we’ve developed a collection of business-led articles designed to keep you in the know.

In our blog, you’ll find everything you need to know, and more, about branding, e-commerce, and packaging for your business. Yes, that’s right, packaging can help grow your business. Don’t believe us? Check out the content below. For more information on our packaging solutions, pop across to our range here.

Case study roundup – five neat examples of creative custom postal packaging

At Lil Packaging, we’re lucky enough to work with some amazing brands, with amazing products. We love a challenge, and creating the ideal packaging for our clients — whether luxury fashion or children’s toys — ensures the items inside are protected and presented to buyers beautifully. This is an essential part of any modern brand’s marketing strategy: with …

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Pharmica – packaging for online pharmacy delivery | case study

Case Studies

The Challenge

Pharmica offers a wide range of treatments through a free online prescription service. They provide cutting-edge technology to automate and innovate to deliver a super convenient, safer and more discrete health care experience. All medicines are dispensed from their Central London based registered pharmacy.

They had a clear need for postal packaging that was fast, versatile, protective …

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Eco Packaging Hacks – Sustainable ways to create the perfect unboxing experience

As a customer, nothing beats unboxing a new product. In fact, unwrapping new deliveries is so exciting for the customer that it’s become a YouTube sensation. In 2011, for instance, the channel DisneyCollectorBR began unboxing children’s toys on YouTube — and quickly became an internet phenomenon. It now ranks in the top 10 most viewed channels on YouTube with almost 15

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Beyond branding: how to add a personal touch to your packaging

As we see more e-commerce stores replace high street retailers, we’re fast getting used to selling and purchasing goods with no face-to-face interaction whatsoever. Yet, customer service — and satisfaction — are still so important for modern businesses.

That’s why customer satisfaction doesn’t just feel good, it’s also great for your business. Given that you might never meet customers face-to-face, making …

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